Jay Baker Photography

everyone deserves a portrait

smile or not to smile..?!?

Growing up in the North of England as a young male in the 80's, getting into trouble and fist fights were as common as the rain and part of climbing the ladder to self respect.

School pictures come around & smiling just seemed....well funky and girly!!

Cameras were always the ultimate gadget because they capture history & you really want to be part of it, but as a guy, posing felt goofy, so what do you do?

Becoming a father for me was & still is an absolute treat.  

To see my 2 daughters react to cameras in 2 very different ways is a daily reminder that smiling isn't required but love for life still presents itself in many ways.

In the almost 15yrs since moving from England I have grown to love and admire the folks in my new home.

Being surrounded by warm smiles, great hair & endless wardrobe options, taking photographs of people in their comfort zone is a very rewarding experience & I have met some really, really cool folks.

Cheers for all the support!!