Jay Baker Photography

Why photography?

It's a gadget.

As a child growing up on a budget with essentially one or two 'BIG' presents to look forward to at Christmas and the birthday, a past time was born... to 'modify' toys.

After washing my hands of enamel paint, used frequently to freshen up the bodywork of my small collection of Hot-wheels, pick up trucks & fake Knightrider cars and the occasional re-paint of the plastic A-Team van, I found myself with a roll of tape, 2 or 3 spent cardboard rolls and some cheap plastic lenses, busted out of a perfectly functioning, recently gifted microscope.

Thus was born a rigged, non-zooming, non-magnifying lens.

Hours passed with this thing pointing out the back window of my bedroom, the fact that the rhubarb plant 40' feet away now only looked 38' away was a thing of true amazement and i wanted more.........